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Meet Daniel Rodriguez, Esq.

Daniel Rodríguez is your trusted partner at Legal Norcal, with experience in both estate planning and business law. Born and raised in Hamilton City, California, he is a first-generation attorney and proudly fluent in Spanish.

Daniel’s commitment to estate planning stems from his family’s experience, navigating the legal complexities following his grandparents’ passing. Witnessing their unpreparedness, he vowed to help others protect their hard-earned assets and provide for their loved ones.

As an active member of esteemed organizations like WealthCounsel, NAELA, and CANHR, Daniel stays at the forefront of estate planning and business law developments.

Beyond his legal prowess, Daniel is a dedicated family man. Happily married with a son and a dog (Brodie), Daniel enjoys honing his culinary skills, perfecting his golf swing, and cherishing moments with loved ones.

Daniel Rodríguez isn’t just your attorney; he’s your advocate, ensuring that your estate planning and business journeys are guided with compassion, experience, and unwavering dedication. Trust Daniel to secure your family’s future and protect your legacy.


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